What it can do for your business

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Elder Support is part of an Aging at Home suite of apps. Elder Support is designed for companies that want to deliver new services to seniors aging in place at home. The app establishes a relationship between elder clients and a service providers’ support staff offering virtual and on-site care, assisted through technology. Staff can manage notifications, alerts and document assessments to better address potential concerns and issues. Elder Support responds to the needs of the trending “aging in place” market for the elder and family caregiver.

Meaningful virtual and in-person visits

The elder client living alone and provider staff relationship goes beyond a simple “check-in”. Fears are lessened by knowing they can talk with someone who understands their needs and routines.

Peace of mind for seniors and caregivers

Coordinated care and proactive interactions with the elder and his or her family is critical to everyone’s wellbeing. Checklists and updates keep everyone informed and confident in the care provided.

Service staff is empowered to serve

Support staff is able to scale across more senior clients, teaching and supporting other elders in self-enablement. Notifications and alerts allow staff to take action in real-time.

Visibility into services ecosystem

The service provider can facilitate requests for transporting elders to medical appointments, shopping and community activities giving them a sense of independent mobility.

Solid reasons to use Elder Support

  • Multi-dimensional support services capabilities
  • Insightful analytics for timely delivery of elder care
  • Mobility without sacrificing security
  • The app is backed by a great service plan