Connecting family, seniors and services

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Elder Advocate is part of an Aging at Home suite of apps. Elder Advocate connects family members with their senior loved one and with the service provider's support staff. The app enables a service provider to extend participatory capabilities to the family, such as Notifications, Alerts, Shared Family Photo Album and FaceTime to enhance interactions and to also lend support to the senior's needs. Elder Advocate works in concert with the service provider app Elder Support, the senior’s app Elder at Home, and any call center that may exist.

Connects seniors with family

Elder Advocate extends to family members the tools to keep connected with senior loved ones. Used in concert with the Elder Support and Elder at Home apps a senior is supported with a circle of care.

Quick updates, information, interaction

Families are able to engage with a service provider support worker to learn how their loved one is doing. The coordination of efforts and sharing of information ensures a high level of care.

Rapid response when needed

Alerts and notifications keep the family aware of their senior loved one’s daily activities, allowing for quick response or consultation with the service providers staff to coordinate assistance.

Next best thing to being there

Pictures can brighten a day and close the distance that sometimes occurs between seniors and friends. The apps ‘Shared Photo Album’ keeps the family and senior connected as if they are right there.

Four good reasons to use Elder Advocate

  • Personalized elder care driven by analytics
  • Simple, intuitive FaceTime interface
  • Extension of care capabilities
  • The app is backed by a great service plan