Six good reasons to use eFilm Workstation

Ensure quality care

eFilm Workstation® helps you ensure quality care by getting the right image to the right clinician at the right time – in a cost-effective manner. It provides large organizations with a solution that is easy to use and robust enough to handle image viewing, DICOM import and exporting to CDs. With the number of medical images expected to balloon to 115 billion by 2021, eFilm Workstation helps to manage this tidal wave of images. See the link below to learn about industry trends.

Easily manipulate images

eFilm Workstation allows digital images and data to be displayed, analyzed, processed, stored and sent across computer networks. Users can perform adjustments of window width and level, image stacking, annotation and measurement of regions of interest – as well as various image alterations. The software easily integrates with an institution’s existing Hospital Information System (HIS) or Radiology Information System (RIS) for fully-integrated electronic patient records.

Achieve greater user security

eFilm Workstation’s user login/authentication process quickly retrieves user-specific profile information while meeting HIPAA requirements for information access. It allows you to create unique user profiles based on the user name. You can save multiple user profiles on a given workstation to allow users to easily launch their preferred toolbar configurations, window and level presets, layout presets – and more.

Manipulate images in a variety of ways

Fused PET and CT images from the same study can be viewed, permitting the visualization of functional PET data combined with anatomical CT data. The pixel-for-pixel zoom function provides the option to display the image at full resolution with no interpolation. Users can specify a scale factor that will result in true-sized DICOM printing. 3D/Volume Rendering Preview slices and selects particular images for inclusion (or exclusion) from volume reconstruction.

Integrate CD and DVD creation

The software allows you to burn CDs or DVDs directly from the eFilm Workstation. You can burn a “lite” version CD or DVD of eFilm Workstation to use as a portable viewer using the integrated DICOMDIR support feature. You can also burn non-DICOM Files to CD and DVDs. The software is compliant with IHE Portable Data Interchange (PDI).

Gain a variety of user-friendly features

eFilm Workstation has customizable toolbar displays that show you only the tools needed when viewing various types of studies such as CR or MR. There is an auto-hide feature to hide tools when not actively using them – maximizing diagnostic screen space. The software allows you to work more accurately with dynamic distance display, mouse-over recognition and an alternating color scheme that makes measurement lines much easier to read.

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