Features of IBM Domino Applications on Cloud

Free Trial Experience

After you register for a trial, we provision the environment for you with default server configurations that you can immediately access and start using. However If you want to use your own Domino domain & SSL certificate, we can configure it for you on request. The standard Trial duration is thirty days. We can extend trial duration; please contact us if that's required.

Multiple client support includes Notes, ICAA and web browser

Your teams can continue using the clients they enjoy today.

Additionl storage for applications

We have made it easy for you to buy additional storage for applications now. You can buy additional storage for your applications purchased under Standard and BYOL editions.

Management and monitoring by IBM

We monitor as well as manage the Domino environment for you.

Regular Domino version upgrades

We upgrade the Domino version, as available, and will inform you in advance of version upgrades to avoid any service disruption.

Monthly health and usage reports

We provide monthly health and usage reports for your Domino applications in IBM Cloud.

Daily data backup and restore

We create a daily backup of each database and can restore database(s) when needed.

Development or test and HA replica hosting

Along with your production database hosting, we provide options for hosted replica environments as well as development and test environments.

Dedicated server or multiple servers for your account

We use a containerized environment with one Domino server per container. Your server(s) are dedicated for your use.

Domino clustering for high availability

The environment uses Docker containers hosting Domino servers. Clustering is supported and multiple replica instances can be configured.

Data encrypted at rest and in transport

All data is encrypted at rest within the data centre using industry-standard AES-256 encryption. Additional service options include the ability to use your own Domino certifier, an option to use your own SSL certificate and the ability to use Domino Access Services.

Choose from multiple data center locations

Initially we have data centers in Dallas, Frankfurt and Tokyo. We will add more data centers based on demand.

10 steps to move your applications to IBM Domino on Cloud

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How customers use it

  • ISV applications running on IBM Domino Applications on Cloud


    Domino is a very strong platform and has enabled business partners to build applications on it that are aimed at business users. While they develop new application features, they would be happy to not manage hosting and maintenance of IBM Domino.


    IBM Domino Applications on Cloud offers a great way for ISV's and Business partners to run their applications on and offer a SaaS solution to their customers.

  • Move on-premise applications to Cloud


    You have many on-premise notes/domino applications. You wish to avoid keeping in-house skills and maintaining this environment.


    IBM Domino Applications on Cloud offers a great way for you to let IBM host and manage these applications in a secure cloud environment for you.

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