Intelligent SAP Content, Task and Process Automation

docuflow for SAP Extension is an SAP Connector for seamless SAP archiving, linking and process automation across your IBM Cloud Pak for Automation platform. From automatic capture to Intelligent Automation, you can do anything from triggering SAP and content services processes to intelligent execution of complete solutions for: Accounts Payable, Onboarding, Audit & Compliance, Archiving & Linking, Content Migration, Content Federation and more. docuflow is a no-code solution compatible with IBM Cloud Pak and is SAP Certified supporting SAP ECC, CRM and S/4HANA.
VersaFile docuflow for SAP Extension

Less cost.

Reduce the cost of SAP archiving & linking by using more efficient cloud technologies, leveraging existing licenses and eliminating manual processes, without costly changes to existing infrastructure.

Less hands.

Automation features streamline manual SAP processes and tasks, reducing risk and freeing-up SAP users and business end-users to be more efficient and focus on higher-value business activities.

More flow.

Automate the movement of information across SAP and IBM Cloud Pak for Automation. Implementing within weeks versus months, means your teams are up and running, adding value faster than competitors.

Applications and Use Cases

  • Content Archiving & Linking
  • Accounts Payable Automation
  • On-boarding Automation
  • Audit & Compliance Management
  • Content Migration
  • Content Federation

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VersaFile docuflow for SAP Extension

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VersaFile docuflow for SAP Extension