What it can do for your business

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Discover Needs empowers wealth advisors with a critical summary of upcoming meetings and provides locations of them on a map. This app delivers a quick real-time overview of a customer’s profile, portfolio, and goals. Discover Needs reduces the time your wealth advisors are bogged down by duplicate data entry from paper forms and redundant applications. It provides immediate answers and recommendations to make better decisions.

Enables a client first focus

Reduces your wealth advisor’s worry about missing critical client information or dealing with risk assessment errors within a highly regulated and competitive industry.

Enhances your ability to prepare

Shortens the time needed to prepare for appointments, leading to increased productivity, quality appointments, and better client relationships.

Improves the client experience

Delivers the necessary and critical real-time information required to tailor a client’s financial portfolio around highly individualized needs and goals.

Why Discover Needs is critical for wealth advisors

  • Take the guesswork out of busy client meetings
  • Gain the power of true mobility
  • Use real-time analytics to get key insights
  • This app is backed by a great service plan