What it can do for your business

It’s no secret: equipping your employees with mobile devices can bring vast benefits to your organization—like improved collaboration and productivity. However, procuring, configuring, and financing these devices while also keeping up with mobility management brings its own set of challenges. IBM Device Procurement and Deployment Services helps you procure, install, stage, refresh and finance mobile corporate-owned devices.

Boost productivity

Enable employees, contractors and other users to work from mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

Streamline processes

Simplify the process of planning, procuring, deploying, managing, supporting and refreshing mobile devices.

Save time and money

Reduce deployment costs by having preconfigured devices shipped directly to users.

Provide choice

Simplify procurement by allowing users to more easily select and order the right mobile devices for them.

Key features

  • Define strategy
  • Orders and invoicing
  • Configure, pack and deliver
  • Lifecycle management