What it can do for your business

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Design at Home captures the layout of the room through the use of touch and Apple Pencil, enabling the user to drag and drop items into a virtual room for verification of fit and style. The app streamlines this process by capturing location information for design verification of big ticket purchases for your home. The app makes the consultation process quicker and easier for employee and client.

Utilize powerful analytics

Access real-time client preferences, touch screen, and drag and drop technology to create a personalized project for clients while significantly improving their experience.

Increase client satisfaction

Use client preferences to gain insight into their project. Suggest items to elevate the project and empower client choices. This functionality drives higher sales and increases client satisfaction.

Save time

The app eliminates manual information collection and allows you to capture data and present it to the client on the same visit to speed the project to completion.

Key features

  • Go mobile for customization
  • Utilize real-time client preferences
  • Empower consultants to drive higher sales
  • The app is backed by a great service plan