First & Only Replication-as-a-Service in the IBM Cloud

AIRE – Advanced Intelligent Replication Engine addresses:

AIRE MINIMIZES RISK: AIRE enables users to define rules for selectively replicating data based on metadata tagging to ensure that the right data gets to right end-point in compliance with corporate and legal requirements

AIRE MAXIMIZES PERFORMANCE: AIRE automatically scales CPU and bandwidth utilization to meet enterprise performance and SLA requirements

AIRE REDUCES COST: AIRE’s selective replication minimizes replication time, cost, CPU utilization and bandwidth

AIRE SUPPORTS MULTIPLE CLOUD ENVIRONMENTS: AIRE supports hybrid, cross-cloud and cross-regional data replication

DBM Cloud Systems AIRE

Replicating Object Data @ Petabyte Scale

AIRE maximizes performance by replicating only new and changed IBM COS data based on user-defined rules. Features IBM cross-region, hybrid cloud, and cross-cloud replication from S3 to IBM Cloud

Reduce Cost of COS Data Replication

Enables incremental & selective replication of individual objects (vs bucket), drastically reducing replication time and necessary CPU and bandwidth charges. Enables elastic scaling using IBM Cloud

Mitigate Risk of Data Replication

Automatic active-active synchronization with reliable data consistency across multiple locations and PB-scale data volumes. Maintains server-side encryption and supports IBM Cloud IAM

Software-only Object Data Replication

No additional hardware or other infrastructure required. Compatible with IBM Cloud Object Storage Console. Deploy on any platform: Bare Metal, Cloud Foundry, VMs, Kubernetes clusters, and serverless

AIRE Key Features

  • Software-only
  • High-Performance Architecture
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Metadata-Driven Policy Definition
  • N-way Replication
  • Security

Company information

DBM Cloud Systems AIRE

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DBM Cloud Systems AIRE