Datameer Key Features

Comprehensive End-to-End Platform

Datameer covers the entire data lifecycle to streamline turning raw data into business-ready information.

Enterprise-grade features

Datameer provides the scalability, security and governance to reliably serve your enterprise needs.

Intuitive Business-ready Tools

Intuitive, interactive and visual tools create a no-coding environment that speeds the creation of business-led data pipelines.

Responsive Data Exploration at Scale

Unconstrained visual exploration of extremely large datasets helps fuel faster insights to your analytics ecosystem.

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Customer case studies

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Sophos increases security with big data analytics

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Pinsight Media Accelerates Mobile Targeting Insights with Datameer

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How customers use it

  • Data preparation and pipelining for AI/ML

    Data preparation and pipelining for AI/ML


    Data science teams still spend 80% or more of their time preparing, exploring and managing data and then, even after insights are drawn, face a time-consuming re-implementation process to deliver value to the business.


    Datameer offers a foundational approach that speeds complex data preparation tasks for AI/ML, and enables scalable, governed operationalization of models to the business. This streamlines analytic delivery processes, speeding time to AI/ML insights.

  • Agile curation and consumption from your Data Lake

    Agile curation and consumption from your Data Lake


    Many organizations have created voluminous data lakes only to struggle with the data refinement and publishing process required to enable business analysts to consume this data, hindering their ability to get value from the data lake.


    Datameer delivers five key capabilities to speed and scale the data engineering process to help you get value from your data lake: dynamic modeling, advanced preparation, visual exploration at scale, easy operationalization and advanced governance.

  • Digital age customer analytics

    Digital age customer analytics


    Regardless of industry, you strive to improve customer conversion rates, increase customer retention and maximize customer lifetime value? The solution lies in a complex web of customer data coming from multiple channels that reveal the key signals.


    Datameer facilitates the curation and delivery of richer customer behavioral data across multiple sources and lets business analysts explore the data in depth to identify key conversion, purchase, and retention signals to maximize customer LTV.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Regulatory Compliance


    The regulatory environment only continues to get more complex with new data privacy (GDPR) and evolving global financial industry regulations. Many existing regulatory compliance architectures are not sustainable, leaving firms at serious risk.


    Datameer helps you integrate, organize and aggregate voluminous regulatory compliance data into a single version of the truth that firms can use to drive faster, cost-effective reporting, as well as identify growth opportunities for the business.