Deliver a Data Strategy that Drives Innovation

Successful organizations enable insight-driven decisions using an agile approach to delivering more data to business teams and creating an enterprise-wide data strategy that balances democratized access to data with proper governance and security. Datameer helps organizations gain maximum value from their data by creating secure, scalable and accessible business data pipelines that delivers data users need when they need it. A complete platform for data preparation, enrichment and exploration, Datameer simplifies and accelerates the time-consuming process of turning complex, multi-source data into valuable business-ready information.

Drive Innovative New Analytic Insights

Feed more trusted data to your BI, AI and ML analytics initiatives to rapidly answer a new world of questions about your business and deliver previously unknown insights.

Reduce Analytic Cycles by up to 98%

Agile data preparation, exploration, collaboration, publishing and re-use radically reduce the costly and time-consuming task of preparing data for analytics and accelerate time to insight.

Balance Democratization with Governance

Datameer helps you provide the right balance of data publishing and sharing with enterprise-grade security and governance features that meet even the most stringent compliance requirements.

Any Data, Any Place, Any Tool

Designed to work with your specific eco-system, Datameer integrates & works with diverse, complex data sources, runs in any environment on-premise and in the cloud, and with any BI and analytic tool.

Datameer Key Capabilities

  • Comprehensive End-to-End Platform
  • Enterprise-grade features
  • Intuitive Business-ready Tools
  • Responsive Data Exploration at Scale

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