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IBM Cloudant is a fully managed JSON document DBaaS that’s optimized for data availability, durability, and mobility - perfect for fast-growing mobile & web apps. What makes Cloudant unique is its advanced indexing and ability to push data to the network edge, across multiple data centers and devices, for faster access and greater fault tolerance. It allows users to access data anytime, anywhere. Click Demo below to visit Cloudant Learning Center and see a collection of demo videos.

Distribute copies

Operates at any scale – nonstop – by distributing database read and write access out to the network edge.

Increase scale and uptime

Replicates and synchronizes readable and writable copies of data across multiple data centers or devices.

Continuously synchronize data

Pushes database access so that you can scale bigger and enable client apps to continue running offline. Uses data access control, encryption and data backup features.

Store data of any structure

Automatically stores, indexes and distributes self-describing JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) documents.

Integrate with other software

Provides flexibility to choose among Rackspace, IBM SoftLayer®, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Windows Azure – and even change platforms on demand.

Essential information

    IBM Cloudant® is a NoSQL database platform built for the cloud. You can use Cloudant as a fully-managed DBaaS running on public cloud platforms like IBM SoftLayer or via an on-premise version called Cloudant Local, that you can run yourself on any private, public, or hybrid cloud platform you choose.

    System requirements

    All requests to Cloudant go over the web, which means any system that can speak to the web, can speak to Cloudant. All language-specific libraries for Cloudant are really just wrappers that provide some convenience and linguistic niceties to help you work with a simple API. Many users even choose to use raw HTTP libraries for working with Cloudant.

    Available on IBM Bluemix cloud platform

    This product is available on IBM Bluemix, an open source environment that helps you quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud.

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