Feature spotlights

Prefabricated Modular Data Center (PMDC)

IBM PMDC is fully functional data center is factory prefabricated, preassembled and delivered with standard sizes leads to fast deployment to meet customer needs and most suitable for harsh climate.

Scalable Modular Data Center (SMDC)

IBM SMDC is designed to enable rapid deployment of a cost-effective, robust, resilient, scalable and flexible data center designed to meet any client’s availability, capacity and operational needs.

Enterprise Modular Data Center (EMDC)

IBM EMDC solution is designed to allow our clients the flexibility and scalability required for the ever changing data processing environment in an enterprise data center.

High Density Zone (HDZ)

IBM High Density Zone (HDZ) solution provides the ability to increase cooling capacity in an existing, operational data center as IT power densities increase.

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