Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences Across Devices

The Drawbridge Cross-Device Platform is the ideal campaign management solution for achieving brand and performance KPIs by intersecting your proprietary data with Drawbridge’s cross-device identity solution. The platform also provides cross-device insights from reach and frequency reporting to path-to-purchase and retail-visit/purchase attribution. By integrating with IBM UBX, Drawbridge empowers marketers to reach consumers across all of their devices and deliver more personalized customer experiences, as well as gain deeper insights into consumer interactions – unlocking a holistic view of activity throughout the entire customer journey.

Reach a Billion+ Cross-Device Consumers

Extend your proprietary first-party data to reach consumers across all of their devices, and take advantage of user-level frequency capping and sequential messaging.

Leverage Real-Time Cross-Device Insights

Get a complete view of the consumers you are reaching with built-in reports that help optimize campaign spend.

Create and Manage Cross-Device Campaigns

Build audience-focused marketing programs across mobile, desktop and connected TV using an intuitive, step-by-step interface.

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Drawbridge Cross-Device Platform

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Drawbridge Cross-Device Platform