Market to a person, not a segment

Personalization solutions help you tailor messages to match customers, across devices and channels. So you can improve engagement along with revenue.

Core solution:

IBM Watson Real-Time Personalization

Deliver personalized content to each website visitor based on real-time interactions.

Companion solutions:

  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation

    Cloud-based digital marketing platform for email marketing, lead management and mobile and social engagement solutions.

  • IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics

    Visualize customer journeys, replay sessions and get the insights you need to create effortless customer experiences.

  • IBM Watson Content Hub

    Create, manage, and deliver engaging and relevant customer experiences with our cloud-based, cognitive-powered content management service.

  • AgilOne Customer Data and Engagement Hub

    Use the industry’s first comprehensive, cloud-based, customer data platform to truly understand your customers and increase profitability.

  • Windsor Circle

    Windsor Circle's predictive marketing platform makes data science actionable and has helped hundreds of retailers keep and grow their existing customers.

  • IBM iX Experience Design and Strategy

    Build deep and lasting relationships with customers and employees through personalized experiences that adapt to changing needs.

  • IBM iX Digital Reinvention

    Work with IBM iX to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing digital age by developing new business models, new expertise, and new ways to work

  • BloomReach Commerce Search

    Optimize your site search returning the most relevant products and then ranking them by performance and a shopper’s personal behavior.

  • Fresh Relevance

    Unify siloed systems without the need for an integration project. Full control of real-time marketing tactics such as triggered emails and cross-channel personalization.

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