Link cross-channel campaigns to improve results

When you have the big campaign picture, you can optimize segments and journeys to drive higher engagement and maximize potential in every channel.

Core solution:

IBM Watson Campaign Automation

Cloud-based digital marketing platform for email marketing, lead management and mobile and social engagement solutions.

Companion solutions:

  • IBM Watson Real-Time Personalization

    Deliver personalized content to each website visitor based on real-time interactions.

  • IBM Watson Marketing Insights

    Identify target audiences and generate critical customer insights to prioritize action.

  • IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics

    Visualize customer journeys, replay sessions and get the insights you need to create effortless customer experiences

  • IBM iX Digital Reinvention

    Work with IBM iX to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing digital age by developing new business models, new expertise, and new ways to work.

  • Bitly Customer Experience Platform

    The simplest solution for developing cross channel cross device customer experience with an effortless one-day rollout and powerful features.

  • SoHalo

    A leading social loyalty and engagement marketing platform that empowers brands to drive up to 10X higher engagement, 2X more revenue per customer, and 8X ROI.

  • RiverPoint Solutions Group

    Together with IBM Universal Behavior Exchange, RiverPoint provides marketers with visibility into their customers’ experiences through a bi-directional exchange of customer data.

  • Acxiom

    Acxiom provides the data foundation you need to make everything in your marketing stack work together better.

  • CoupSmart Promotions Platform

    Run unique, trackable email code campaigns and promotional offers across web, social and mobile channels that capture granular consumer data.