Learn to Create Intelligent Applications

Learn to build next generation applications with the Cognitive Curriculum from Galvanize. This instructor led four-week hands-on course includes 28 hours of learning activity and teaches developers how to incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques into their work utilizing the power of IBM’s Watson Developer Cloud. This curriculum is built for enterprise developers with fundamental programming skills in Python who are curious about machine learning and artificial intelligence. Students of the course will see an immediate use case for these technologies and can apply IBM Watson and IBM Cloud to drive positive outcomes.

Design Cognitive Products using Watson

Successfully learn the requirements of building smart applications while developing an understanding of real-world application.

Analyze Data Intelligently

Learn how to successfully leverage the power and insights of big data.

Deploy Cognitive Applications

Understand the full capabilities of Watson and the products you’ll be able to build by leveraging machine learning.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Main components of IBM Cloud / Watson
  • Using ToneAnalyzer and VisualRecognition for analysis
  • Opportunities offered by Cognitive Technologies
  • Designing an Intelligent product
  • Mining insights using Discovery
  • Designing a conversational agent using Conversation
  • Solving a business problems with intelligent technologies
  • Intelligent system architecture
  • Development processes for intelligent products and systems
  • Developing a prototype based on ML/AI functionalities
  • Assembling components of the IBM Cloud Platform

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A view of the Learn portal with video content.
A view of the Learn portal with video content.
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An example of supplemental resources found within the course.

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