How it works

Watson Conversation

Understand what users are saying and respond with natural language.

Watson Conversation


Analyze text and understand its sentiment, keywords, entities, high-level concepts and more.


Visual Recognition

Understand the contents of images. Create custom classifiers to develop smart applications. Create custom collections to search for similar images.

Visual Recognition

How customers use it

  • Analyzing things at the parcel-by-parcel level represents a paradigm shift for this industry. It’s an exciting time, and the sky is the limit.Jonathan Fentzke, PhD, Chief Strategy Officer and Cofounder

    Combating drought with IBM Watson capabilities

    OmniEarth evaluates parcels and helps water districts achieve their conservation goals.

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  • It’s about making people’s jobs easier and more effective.Michael Alatortsev, Founder

    Using IBM Watson tools to better manage online reputations

    iTrend analyzes social data and distills insights into daily, prioritized lists.

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  • What really matters is accuracy and precision. If accuracy is poor, it doesn't matter how fast the service is. AlchemyAPI delivers both.Aman Naimat, Co-Founder

    Providing deal-closing business intelligence

    Spiderbook creates a 10x more accurate customer relationship predictor using AlchemyAPI.

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  • AlchemyAPI gives us a huge addition to our data set that we don't have otherwise. The data is a lot cleaner and there's language support that competitors just don't have.Nate Weiner, Founder and CEO

    Helping users categorize and discover interesting content

    Watson helps sharpen Pocket's text, video and web page natural language processing.

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Technical details

Software requirements

A Bluemix account is required to access Watson Developer Cloud.

    Hardware requirements

    There are no hardware requirements for Watson Developer Cloud.

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