The Business Value of Portworx

Enterprises are under intense pressure to deploy new applications quickly in a complex, multi-cloud world. Portworx provides essential cloud native storage to address these needs effortlessly. Portworx is used in production more than any cloud native storage solution for containers, and is trusted by many of the world’s most sophisticated IT organizations including Comcast, GE, Lufthansa Systems, The US Department of Homeland Security, Verizon and 17 of the Global 1000.

Save 40-60% on compute costs

Portworx accelerates infrastructure savings of containers by reducing the number of containers required to run a stateful service like databases between 40-60%.

Save 30% or more on storage costs

Portworx cloud native storage also reduces storage costs by 30% or more by reducing storage over-provisioning, and tiering applications across the most cost-efficient storage.

Reduce risk of failed container projects

Containers are a key to building an agile IT organization, but without a proven cloud native storage solution like Portworx, teams struggle to containerize large numbers of applications.

Enterprise storage capabilities you need

PX-Enterprise provides enterprise storage capabilities required to run mission critical databases, big and fast data applications and machine learning workflows in containers.

Automation & cloud workflows you want

In addition to providing enterprise-class storage features, Portworx cloud native storage was designed from the ground up for containers. Automate your entire application, including your data.

Portworx Enterprise delivers

  • Ultra-fast I/O for performance intensive databases
  • High availability via synchronous replication
  • 3DSnap™- Application consistent snapshots of volume groups
  • CloudSnap™- Backup and recovery for complex stateful appls
  • Military-grade encryption at the container volume level
  • Install & configure Portworx w/ OpenShift and Kubernetes
  • Automate your data as easily as your compute
  • Backup and restore complex apps via your container platform
  • Run in a single environment or across clouds

Product images

Portworx User Interface
Portworx User Interface
Portworx User Interface detail view
Portworx User Interface detail view

Available on Bluemix

This product is available on IBM Bluemix, an open source environment that helps you quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud.

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