What it can do for your business

Managing a GxP compliant environment can be cost, time and resource intensive. It requires qualifying infrastructure, performing system validations and assembling tools to document each stage of the product development lifecycle. IBM Watson Health Cloud for Life Sciences Compliance delivers dedicated, security-rich and qualified cloud infrastructure, including validated cloud operational and management tools, to help speed time to market, reduce costs, and meet compliance requirements.

Qualified cloud infrastructure

Delivers a dedicated, security-rich, and qualified SoftLayer cloud infrastructure as a service.

Improve cloud management

Provides validated cloud solutions for change control, document management and learning management - with additional tools to help you expedite provisioning of new virtual machines.

Tap into compliance expertise

Managed services are implemented and supported by highly skilled cloud specialists, with current regulatory compliance training.

Essential information

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    System requirements

    Access to IBM Health Cloud for Life Sciences Compliance requires an internet connection and a browser.

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