Combine capabilities to manage digital transformations

The IBM® Cloud DevOps for Hybrid Deployment bundle helps application teams deliver new products and services to the market more quickly and with higher quality. This bundle includes continuous integration, deployment automation and release management capabilities to help enterprises speed up product delivery. Software configuration management and application development complete this platform to:

  • Build applications with enterprise security and management.

  • Deploy complex, hybrid applications almost anywhere.

  • Orchestrate the automated release of applications with visibility and governance.

Manage applications with greater ease

Design, develop, deploy, test and analyze Java and web applications by using an integrated development environment.

Improve collaboration

Facilitate software configuration management across geographically distributed teams collaborating on complex systems.

Save time

Accelerate end-to-end testing of multichannel, interconnected applications. Enable continuous testing for faster software delivery across the enterprise.

Feature spotlights

  • Manage digital transformations
  • Save money and gain flexibility with FlexPoints pricing
  • Deliver services and products more quickly
  • Adjust FlexPoints deployment as needed

Which option is right for you?

  • Deploy

    An application release automation solution that combines robust visibility, traceability and auditing capabilities.

  • Release Management

    Manages the release of complex interdependent applications, infrastructure changes and simultaneous deployments of multiple applications.

  • Build and Test Automation

    Build is a continuous integration and build management server. Test Automation reduces the risk of deploying poor-quality software into production.

  • Visual Design

    An Eclipse-based IDE that provides tools for visually designing, constructing, testing, analyzing and deploying many types of applications.

  • Version Management

    Provides controlled access to software assets, including code, requirements, design documents, models, test plans and test results.

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