What it can do for your business

Watson Content Hub provides the content management capabilities you need to deliver compelling brand experiences across all the ways you reach your audiences. For the marketer, Watson Content Hub helps to assemble the best content to support the key offers you want to send out over email, mobile apps, websites or more. For the front end developer, Watson Content Hub has an intuitive interface and a rich array of APIs for building fantastic user experiences that your marketing and e-commerce teams can update directly.

Quick and Easy

Business users can update customer experiences quickly and easily without overburdening IT, and front end developers can use templates and rich APIs to ensure robust omni-channel end-user experiences.

Intelligent Content

Combine smart, adaptive content and the right tone with Watson-based automatic tagging and recommendations to deliver an attractive, one-of-a-kind customer experience.

Support Content Collaboration

Support all those responsible for an exceptional customer experience with one content repository without having to buy individual user licenses.

Key features

  • Cognitive Tagging
  • Flexible, Easy Editing
  • Content & Asset Management
  • Cognitive-Infused
  • Omni-channel delivery

Product screenshots

Cognitive Tagging
Cognitive Tagging
Flexible, Easy Editing
Flexible, Easy Editing
Automatic renditions created
Automatic renditions created

Which option is right for you?

  • Base

    Manage content and assets, with built-in Watson image and document tagging. Ideal entry point.

  • Standard

    Same as Base, with additional content and storage allowances, ideal for mid-sized consumer audiences.

  • Plus

    Same as Standard, with no limit on content items, ideal for larger volumes and high quality media.

Considering a purchase?