Content made easy with Watson Content Hub

Say goodbye to time consuming asset and content management with Watson Content Hub. The system automatically tags assets on upload, transforming disorderly assets into an easily searchable library. Cloud based delivery gets you up a running fast and able to update content in real time. A rich array of APIs helps you build user experiences that marketing and e-commerce teams can update directly in existing marketing and digital experience platforms without new development work.

Build with ease

Build a rich content model and update images and text easily and quickly. Automatic image profiles adapt your images for every usage.

Manage with cognitive

Watson augments your content meta-data to make it easier than ever to find just what you need.

Deliver with confidence

Our integrated, zero-config CDN lets you scale flexibly, and rich REST APIs make it easy to integrate content and content management functions wherever you need them.

Work with colleagues

Content management is a team sport! We don't price Watson Content Hub by user so everyone can contribute at no extra cost.

Key features

  • User-Friendly, Intuitive UI
  • Rich REST APIs
  • Cognitive Tagging
  • Omni-channel Delivery
  • Continuous Feature Updates
  • Web Application Hosting

Product screenshots

Cognitive Tagging
Cognitive Tagging
Flexible, Easy Editing
Flexible, Easy Editing
Automatic renditions created
Automatic renditions created
Card-based Asset Library
Card-based Asset Library

Which option is right for you?

  • Base

    Manage content and assets, with built-in Watson image and document tagging. Ideal entry point.

  • Standard

    Same as Base, with additional content and storage allowances, ideal for mid-sized consumer audiences.

  • Plus

    Same as Standard, with no limit on content items, ideal for larger volumes and high quality media.

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