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Take control of your cloud costs. Identify spend across multiple clouds and enable cognitive insights to optimize your spend.

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IBM Cloud Brokerage helps enterprises make informed decisions and become more agile while balancing choice and economics.

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Incorporate, Don't Alienate Shadow IT

Learn how to provide users a “carrot” without the “stick” through an approved service store for purchasing public cloud.

Empower users with an IT express lane for public cloud and internal resource

Learn best practices on how to manage the complexity of choice and how to create an effective bridge to existing processes.

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Visibility & Governance with IBM Brokerage Solutions

IBM can help organizations incorporate and integrate shadow IT into central IT, and gain visibility and control.

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Gain visibility and insights to control cloud costs through policy-based tagging

Gain real-time visibility into hybrid cloud assets and actionable insights to optimize cloud usage and reduce cost.

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Cost and Asset Management Infographic

Use the Cost and Asset Management app from IBM to help streamline cloud usage, predict future trends and identify waste.

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