Watson for Oncology key features

Extract key attributes from a patient's medical record

Uses natural language processing to read and understand all the patient data in the medical record when integrated with the EMR.

Evidence-informed treatment recommendations

Combines information with expert training from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to derive ranked treatment options supported by evidence from MSK for use by the treating physician.

Oncology domain knowledge

Supplements the surfaced treatment options with relevant evidence from the literature by leveraging natural language processing and advanced machine learning algorithms to search a corpus of over 300 medical journals, over 250 textbooks, and 15M pages of text.

Patient-centric insights

Surfaces relevant articles that align with the patient characteristics as well as the treatment under consideration and provides enhanced evidence insights.

Customer case studies

IBM Watson for Oncology platform shows high degree of concordance with physician recommendations

Manipal Hospitals

Watson for Oncology is providing insights to help clinicians deliver evidence-based cancer care

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