ClearBlade Intelligent Asset

  • Intelligent Asset enables enterprises to remotely monitor any asset across any network in real-time
  • Out of the box smart asset monitoring with no-code configuration and deployment
  • Monitor any asset in real-time with your choice of hardware
  • Autonomous management, deploy workloads to any edge nodes at scale and securely
  • Gain Faster insights to your data and take actions where its created
  • Stream real-time machine data into your existing enterprise EAM systems

No Coding Required

Business and Operational personnel configure displays, assets, areas, and rules via a simple no-code form-based interface.

IBM Edge Application Manager Integration

ClearBlade Intelligent Asset combined with IBM Edge Application Manager can offer a seamless and automated deployment of edge applications to available enterprise edge compute.

Reduce Downtime & Operational Costs

Reduce downtime and repair costs with predictive maintenance and machine condition monitoring. Improve efficiency with virtual operations, command and control, factory automation, and visualization.

Company information

ClearBlade Edge Asset Monitoring

Provided by ClearBlade, Inc.

ClearBlade Edge Asset Monitoring

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