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Rheem's Connected Product Journey

Rheem Manufacturing
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How customers use it

  • Asset Tracking

    Asset Tracking


    Customers need flexible, best of breed, end-to-end asset monitoring solutions for clients seeking to improve situational awareness of their critical assets. Answering questions like: Do I have too many assets? Do I need more? Are they being utilized?


    Track powered/non-powered assets, Maintain tracking history, Trigger events and alerts, No-code configuration.

  • Asset Monitoring


    Edge Data ingestion is the hardest part of connecting the IoT to the Enterprise. ClearBlade provides the capability to deliver complete “out of the box” functionality and applications to ingest data from any device and inform any enterprise system.


    Monitor asset condition, Trigger alerts on asset events, Automate asset behavior, Predict asset issues, No-code configuration.

  • Intelligent Video Analytics

    Intelligent Video Analytics


    There is a huge need to understand real-time occupancy for safety, social distancing, security as well as when customers are arriving, their movements throughout the store, and the general movement of people and vehicles in industry settings.


    Stream analytics from any camera, Customer service and occupancy, Virtual turnstiles, Emergency event notifications, No-code configuration

Technical details

Software requirements

Linux Operating System: Debian, RedHat, Ubuntu, Centos Docker Containerization

Browser: Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox

    Hardware requirements

    ClearBlade Platform: 5-Node compute cluster, 8-cores with 32gb RAM per node.

    ClearBlade Edge:

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