What it can do for your business

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Claims Adjust provides the ability for claims adjusters to manage, document, follow-up on and close claims anytime, anywhere. Claims Adjust prioritizes claims by type, filters by open claims, and allows adjusters to search for claims, view photos, and communicate via the app.

Streamlines the claims process

Shortens claims processing turnaround and payment times while reducing administrative costs for claims adjudication.

Drives decisions with powerful analytics

Delivers predictive analytics to generate fraud prevention alerts and notifications through evaluation of claimant and claim data profiled against real-time industry claims.

Empowers claims adjusters

Enables claims adjuster to make on-the-spot decisions and close claims based on information gathered and submitted directly from the field.

Why every claims adjuster needs Claims Adjust

  • Speed up claims processing
  • Enhance the claims adjustment process
  • Use the power of real-time analytics
  • This app is backed by a great service plan