What VSAM transparency can do for your business

IBM® CICS® VSAM Transparency helps you move valuable data from VSAM files to Db2® tables. This migration can evolve as your business requirements dictate, without having to modify your CICS and batch VSAM application programs. You can access the Db2 data 24/7, as well as integrate your data with new and existing Db2 applications, preserving your core investments while avoiding costly, complex application rewrites.

Find the options you need

Support worldwide markets with no batch windows and employ extensive tooling portfolio for Db2.

Simplify processes

Run ad hoc queries, perform data analysis and take advantage of integration with new applications and channels that are designed to be easier and faster.

Improved operational experience

Create visual information and dashboards and avoid data-synchronization issues in the process.

Gain higher performance with lower costs

Avoid high cost of application rewrite and get more value from your CICS and batch data.

IBM CICS VSAM Transparency for z/OS features

  • Efficient migration
  • Maximize your data
  • Convenient accessibility
  • Gain valuable insights