IBM CICS Interdependency Analyzer for z/OS features

Resource-relationship data collection

Manage the automated discovery and collection of dependency, affinity and command flow data to an IBM Db2® database to analyze information for use in your daily development and operations processes. Stored procedures improve performance, while statistical sampling reduces dependency overhead. The included plug-in offers affinity analysis and program details view, and the sampling technique reduces data collection overhead.

CICS resource relationships insights

Use the IBM CICS® Interdependency Analyzer collectors as part of your management routine to create a comprehensive online database. You can access the database using the included plug-in to gain a better understanding of resources used by a transaction, program, application or service. IBM CICS Interdependency Analyzer also gives you insight into the resource use and dependencies associated with platforms in a CICS cloud, cross-region applications and much more.

Relationship navigation

Navigate CICS resource relationships easily with the plug-in for IBM CICS Explorer® and built-in queries, views and visualizations. The Command Flow feature delivers insight into the execution of CICS transactions, including detailed analysis of context switches. Other relationship navigation features include visualization of near real time and scanner program attributes, resource use and dependencies by platform, and visualization of Task Control Block (TCB), region and application switches.

Powerful query management

Use the CICS Independency Analyzer plug-in to build and organize your customized queries from a comprehensive set of SQL queries that you can use with collected data to run comparisons of applications across regions, or discover and analyze all inter-dependencies across regions. These capabilities help you determine if all resources required by an application are available following migration from a quality-assurance region to a production region.

Data collection control

Control the status of the IBM CICS Interdependency Analyzer collectors in all enabled CICS regions from one CICS terminal with an online interface. Configure options for each region from a single point of control. You can turn data collection for multiple CICS regions on and off, or pause it with a single CINT command to speed selection, helping eliminate the need to edit all CICS regions by using the configuration menus to select the resources to be collected.

CICS Transaction Server V5.3 support

The IBM CICS Interdependency Analyzer supports the CICS Transaction Server V5.3.

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