IBMCICS Deployment Assistant for z/OS key features

Discover CICS-related entities

IBM CICS® Deployment Assistant covers more than 30 entity types including CICS regions, IBM CICSPlex, connections, and major subsystem dependencies such as IBM Db2®, IBM IMS™ and IBM WebSphere® MQ. It creates a rich model of CICS systems, connectivity and subsystem dependencies. You can also save time through automated discovery and help to manage the CICS environment more effectively with a visual model.

Gain insights from a shared model

A shared model offers you a consistent and up-to-date view. The RESTful API enables use with other applications and the model is available in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and XML formats. Export as a CSV for additional analysis and reporting and enjoy the flexibility of viewing from desktop browsers and mobile devices. RESTful API samples are available in JavaScript and Restructured Extended Executor (REXX). Discovery and cloning can be initiated through the RESTful API.

Visualize the model

View and edit from within IBM CICS Explorer to gain an intuitive understanding of CICS topology. Zoom, outline, tag and filter capabilities to organize the view, reduce clutter and compare configurations to avoid errors. Link in content to CICS Explorer and CICS Tools views to work more quickly. Choose from a range of views: physical topology, tagged, CMAS-focused and connections.

Automate deployment

Automated execution of key tasks using wizards helps you to orchestrate upgrade tasks and standardize the creation of production CICS regions, create CICS management infrastructure, and clone CICS regions while building IBM and customer best practices.

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