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Discover, deploy and manage your CICS systems faster

IBM® CICS® Deployment Assistant for z/OS® provides a centralized, complete model of your CICS infrastructure to improve data discovery. It uses a policy-driven engine that you control to accelerate deployment of new CICS capabilities and line-of-business applications. CICS Deployment Assistant for z/OS can help you model, visualize and deploy new and existing CICS regions quicker and easier.

Automated DevOps

Leverge an automated DevOps pipeline for elastic scaling of CICS infrastructure, creation of production-proving test regions and integration with existing processes using a RESTful API.

Discover, visualize and understand

Gain access to your CICS topology and connected subsystems, thanks to a deep discovery operation that creates a rich model.

Scale and test

Scale existing infrastructure using the ability to clone and de-provision regions. Cloned systems provide accurate representation for improved testing.

Gain control through automation

Automate operations with a powerful RESTful API that offers access to information stored in the model that you can integrate with existing processes.

CICS Deployment Assistant for z/OS key features

  • Discover CICS-related entities
  • Gain insights from a shared model
  • Visualize the model
  • Automate deployment