Preserve Legacy Application Investment

Legacy applications (born 20 to 30 years ago) just work, and they are often business critical.

However, their underlying hardware platforms have much shorter lives and become extremely problematic to maintain.

Rather than opting for the lengthy, expensive, and sometimes impossible task of rewriting critical legacy apps for new infrastructure, customers can now extend the life of such applications with state-of-the-art cross-platform virtualization from Stromasys.

Move legacy apps, unchanged, to x86/cloud infrastructure in a matter of days and join them to the rest of the enterprise in terms of security, compliance, and ability to grow.

Virtual SPARC on IBM Cloud

Extend Life

"Classic" critical applications tied to older unsupported hardware are given new life through legacy hardware emulation on modern x86 IBM Cloud infrastructure.

Mitigate Risk

"Classic" critical applications tied to older high-risk unsupported hardware may now run on IBM Cloud x86 infrastructure with no code changes and no recompiling. How? Cross-platform virtualization.

Increase Options

Legacy applications, once moved to VIRTUAL legacy platforms via Stromasys cross-platform x86 hypervisors, can join the rest of the enterprise initiatives such as SaaS, Disaster Recovery, and Big Data.

Reduce Costs

Legacy hardware is replaced by modern x86 IBM Cloud infrastructure via Stromasys cross-platform hypervisor, thus saving space, power, cooling, cost of downtime, and expensive legacy hardware support.

Benefits of Cross-platform Virtualization

  • Business Continuity
  • Reduced Risk
  • Lower Costs
  • Performance
  • Datacenter Consolidation

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Virtual SPARC on IBM Cloud

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Virtual SPARC on IBM Cloud

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