Quality and Simplicity

Quality backed by IBM Certification

The IBM Certification Mark specifies that the product has been verified through our IBM exclusive best of breed re-manufacturing processes.

Immediately eligible for IBM Maintenance

Because of our re-manufacturing processes, all IBM Certified Pre-owned Storage solutions are immediately eligible for IBM Maintenance, without any further testing or inspection

Only genuine IBM parts

IBM Certified Pre-owned Storage solutions are re-manufactured to original IBM engineering specifications using an authentic Bill of Materials, and always using only genuine IBM parts. Additionally, the process makes use of specific serial number history from IBM maintenance records, only available in IBM.

Customized to your needs

IBM Certified Pre-owned Storage can be customized to your needs, and you are always protected by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Rapid delivery

Products are delivered fast – often within days - to meet your schedule.

Local access to inventory and support

All products, including features and parts, are sold by IBM and IBM Business Partners with local access to inventory and support.

IBM Financing and services options

Competitive leases and loan options are available. You also have access to the full IBM Services offering portfolio.

More details about IBM Certified Pre-owned

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