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IBM® Db2® Big SQL is an enterprise-grade, hybrid ANSI-compliant SQL-on-Hadoop engine, delivering massively parallel processing (MPP) and advanced data query. Db2 Big SQL offers a single database connection or query for disparate sources such as Hadoop HDFS and WebHDFS, RDMS, NoSQL databases, and object stores. Benefit from low latency, high performance, data security, SQL compatibility, and federation capabilities to do ad hoc and complex queries. Db2 Big SQL is now available in 2 variations. It can be integrated with Cloudera Data Platform. Or the solution is now available as a cloud-native service on the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform.

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IBM Big Replicate

IBM Big Replicate is an enterprise-class data replication software platform that keeps data consistent in a distributed environment, on premises and in the hybrid cloud, including SQL and NoSQL databases. This data replication tool is powered by a high-performance coordination engine that uses consensus to keep unstructured data accessible, accurate and consistent in different locations. The real-time data replication technology is noninvasive and moves big data operations from lab environments to production environments, across multiple Hadoop distributions, and from on-premises to cloud environments, with minimal downtime or disruption.

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IBM Integrated Analytics System

Discover a high-performance, cloud-ready analytics solution that provides massively parallel processing and comprises a high-performance hardware platform and optimized database query engine software to support data analysis and business-reporting capabilities — IBM Integrated Analytics System.

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