Support diverse use cases with a robust analytics platform

Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud with IBM is a comprehensive, on-premises platform for integrated analytics from the edge to AI — spanning ingest, processing, analysis, experimentation and deployment. It combines the best of Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub and Hortonworks Data Platform Enterprise Plus, resulting in a fusion of the latest open source data management and analytics technologies now integrated to work together and optimized for deployment within the data center. IBM further enhances the Cloudera Data Platform with an ecosystem of big data analytics products and services plus multivendor support.

Holistic view of data and metadata

Complete platform overview from a single pane of glass, the CDP Management Console

Common data catalog

Shared by deployments worldwide and in various data centers and clouds

Data synchronization

Data sets and metadata policies managed between infrastructures as needed

Company information

Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud with IBM

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Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud with IBM