Powerful IBM Cloudant Database Integration

  • The Cloudant Data Provider makes this IBM Cloudant NoSQL DB data look like SQL tables in your applications.
  • Use the Cloudant Data Provider through Visual Studio Server Explorer, in code through familiar classes, and in data controls like DataGridView, GridView, DataSet, etc.
  • The CData Cloudant Data Provider goes beyond read-only functionality to deliver full support for Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations (CRUD).
CData ADO.NET Provider for Cloudant

DataBind to IBM CLoudant

Use standard Visual Studio wizards to DataBind to your IBM Cloudant data.

Full support for CRUD operations

Create, Read, Update, and Delete IBM Cloudant data from code and from ADO.NET-enabled tools and applications.

Use a 'flattened' model of Cloudant DBs

Cutting edge data 'flattening' builds a relational model of your IBM Cloudant NoSQL databases, easing development and analytics.

Which option is right for you?

  • Free Trial

    A free, fully functional trial of the ADO.NET Provider. Try out the provider and see the CData difference for yourself.

  • Enterprise Desktop Subscription

    The best way to buy! A comprehensive MSDN-style subscription with unlimited access to data.

  • Server Licensing

    Enterprise licensing available for use with servers, site licensing, or cloud deployments. Contact a product specialist to learn more.

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CData ADO.NET Provider for Cloudant

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CData ADO.NET Provider for Cloudant

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