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Empower investigators to work more efficiently

Enable investigators to use powerful analysis and investigative tools to stitch together connections, quickly recognize emerging patterns of behavior and discern evidence of criminal action. These tools are more than just forensic analysis tools—they can extract and analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data from existing, often disparate sources, storing it within the IBM Case Manager repository.

Streamline the complex investigations process

Deliver access to a wide range of information and analytics, along with proper controls to ensure investigations are completed efficiently and in a timely manner, and that they adhere to the rules and guidelines within corporate policies, government regulations or industry standards. IBM Case Manager for Investigations brings these capabilities together so organizations can react quickly, proceed intelligently and maintain compliance while maximizing existing technology investments.

Reduce investigation time with powerful analytics

Expedite investigations with an intuitive interface to manage and access structured and unstructured information pulled from multiple workflows and resources. Advanced entity analytics identify previously hidden relationships in large volumes of information that can help you make informed case decisions anywhere. Uses business rules, process control and workflows to simplify investigations while increasing accuracy, efficiency and transparency.

Break down information silos

Hurdle the challenge of coalescing information from a variety of sources, including previous investigations, existing guidelines or ancillary but associated references. Information sources are often siloed in applications or databases. Case Manager for Investigations helps investigators transcend information silos to enable informed decision-making fast and anywhere.

Reduce investigative time and costs

Significantly shrink the complexity, time and expense associated with complex multifaceted investigations by streamlining collaboration and interactions among investigators, analysts, field operatives and subject matter experts. Strong investigative and case-building capabilities support successful negotiations and informed decision making which reduces the overall cost of delivering a superior investigation service value.

Strengthen your organizational processes

Enable a strong and robust investigative capability through insights that provide investigators better information to recognize potential patterns and report suspicious activity. Go beyond the traditional investigation process by strengthening organizational processes with powerful analytics and tools optimized for collaboration. These analytic capabilities enable investigators to drill down into findings and share insights that can improve your case processes throughout the organization.

Healthcare Provider Fraud

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