Munvo campaignQA - Automated Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) issues and errors are on the rise as digital marketers and marketing operation directors struggle to manage the increased volume and complexity of personalized marketing messages. Incomplete dynamic fields, over communicating and missed deadlines are just a few of the many problems they are facing.

To address these QA issues, Munvo has introduced campaignQA, a tool that complements your marketing solution and improves the marketing execution process. campaignQA is designed to support Adobe Campaign, IBM Campaign and SAS Marketing Automation (MA).

Inbound & Outbound Automated QA

campaignQA takes error prone manual work out of verifying list output files that are ready for deployment by automating the entire QA process across all marketing campaigns.

Offer Arbitration

campaignQA allows marketers to manage contact frequency controls customized at individual, household, or cell/segment levels with no coding required.

Post-Deployment Campaign Monitoring

Marketers quickly catch any issues that were not identified in pre-launch QA and monitor key metrics to make course-corrections for targeting/offer-assignment logic that is not performing as expected.

Marketing Datamart QA

Datasets and rules that are used to QA campaigns can be leveraged to provide QA reporting and data correction capabilities for users’ marketing databases.

Privacy & Regulatory Compliance

campaignQA creates a global dashboard of quality assurance activities and maintains a comprehensive audit trail of past validations.

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Munvo campaignQA - Automated Quality Assurance

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Munvo campaignQA - Automated Quality Assurance