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CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) helps global brands proactively identify and resolve issues across physical, virtual, containers, cloud and mobile applications. CA APM offers analytics-driven insights that uniquely position your organization to deliver app experiences where every transaction becomes a loyalty-building transaction, differentiate your business and allow your experts to focus only on impactful issues.

Automated assisted triage workflows

Automatically detect anomalies, gather evidence and streamline support workflows with the powerful Assisted Triage.

Intuitive application topology views

Simplify complex topology and maps into clear and actionable performance views.

Manage performance across containers

Isolate complex performance issues across modern stacks – including hosts, containers & applications. Gain aggregated views into total service performance with detailed instrumentation.

App performance drill-downs

Gain complete diagnostic insight with transaction tracing that supports modern APIs and Apps– including Docker, Node.js, Java, PHP .NET and more.

Time-based correlation

See how any topology, attribute or code change impacts application performance – and track back with Timelines to reveal when and why performance changed.

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CA Digital Experience Insights Application Performance Management

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CA Digital Experience Insights Application Performance Management