What it can do for your business

BlueFabric is a low code development platform for the rapid automation of volume, low to mid complexity business process applications. Running on top of IBM BPMOC, BlueFabric allows business owners to intuitively design and fast track to production, process applications at a significantly reduced cost. For BlueWorks Live users, BlueFabric can also import BWL process models for rapid transformation into production ready applications.

Quickly develop, automate and deploy

Removes the bottlenecks in delivery of business apps thereby ensuring capital expenditure is utilized effectively. Allows business to automate quickly for operational value.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Technology support organizations can increase volume of output to their user communities, while keeping internal overhead costs in control and maintaining standards around sanctioned software use.

Reduce costs

Significant reduction of cost associated with application lifecycle management and with it, business agility.

Investment protection

Quickly extend historical investment in BlueWorks Live modeling through rapid automation of those models.

Reduce training requirements

No need to hire and train new specialized BPM resources for deployment or long term support.

Reduce cost and increase ROI

Low cost of entry and measurable cost of utilization.

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