Feature spotlights

Versatile yet easy-to-use client advanced software

This client provides built-in support for IBM® Aspera® FASP Proxy that enables high-speed transfers within restrictive networks with the option for HTTP fallback. It uses SSH authentication and implements Advanced Encryption Standard 128 and higher for in-transit and at-rest encryption of files and folders. It incorporates data integrity verification for every transmitted data block.

Congestion avoidance capabilities

The client uses FASP to provide visual monitoring of the transfer queue and transfer progress. It adjusts bandwidth use continually to prioritize transfers while reserving bandwidth for other business-critical network traffic. It also boosts transfer speeds for time-critical content and reduces the speed for less important transfers to retain bandwidth for other business-critical network traffic.

Industry-leading performance

Powered by the Aspera patented FASP transport technology, Aspera High-Speed Transfer Endpoint delivers files and entire directories at maximum speed, regardless of file size, transfer distances or network conditions. It enables automatic, fast and lossless inline compression and reduces data set transfer sizes to further boost Aspera’s industry-leading transfer performance. It offers reliable data delivery with precise transfer progress and performance reporting.

Remote management capabilities

Aspera High-Speed Transfer Endpoint enables easy configuration and connection to any transfer endpoint through Aspera Console’s web-based user interface. It provides control of security and transfer settings and user account management, and allows logging of transfer details to a central database.

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