Feature spotlights

Full interoperability with IBM Aspera faspex

IBM® Aspera® faspex Mobile allows users to download large files to a mobile device at high speed if the package originated from a faspex server or faspex client. It enables you to send standard faspex packages from a mobile device to any recipient using an Aspera faspex client or any browser using the IBM Aspera Connect browser plug-in. This software allows mobile users to send packages with metadata as defined by the Aspera faspex administrator.

High-speed FASP-enabled mobile transfers

This software provides automatic restart and resume of interrupted transfers and enables precise bandwidth control to help ensure that the entire available bandwidth is utilized to achieve maximum transfer speeds, while being fair to other network traffic. It provides bandwidth prioritization control of the mobile transfers from within the faspex Mobile app, on the faspex server or from the IBM Aspera Console.

Built-in security

This software supports the Aspera Fast, Adaptive and Secure Protocol (FASP®) security model and provides secure authentication, encryption in transit and at rest, data integrity verification and FIPS-140 2 compliance.

Tight integration with the OS and mobile media library

IBM Aspera faspex Mobile provides access to the mobile media library or the device camera to directly capture pictures and immediately attach them in a faspex package within the faspex Mobile app. It allows you to send video at maximum device resolution; or, for iOS devices, to select lower resolution settings that optimize file size and picture quality.

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