Feature spotlights

Centralized monitoring and control of transfers

The Console dashboard provides an overview of all network-wide transfer activity with granular views and control of individual transfers, server node activity and bandwidth utilization. Dynamically adjust transfer speeds and priorities and configure aggregate bandwidth per node or user group. Ad-hoc transfer jobs can be initiated remotely between nodes and “Smart Transfers” can be used for multi-point distribution of files or directories and as templates for automated, repeatable transfer jobs.

Transfer Automation

Users can create automated one-time or recurring transfers including multi-point “Smart Transfers” that can later be copied, modified and re-used. Smart Transfers support transfers initiated behind an IBM Aspera Proxy, pull transfers initiated from the destination node, and easier to manage permission settings for sharing. IBM Aspera Console enables automatic forwarding of content to and from any managed node with files arriving via Aspera transfers, FTP or any other means.

Comprehensive node and user management

IBM Aspera Console allows administrators to configure all node properties including bandwidth controls, encryption settings, and email notifications. Transfer settings and authorization policies can be set by user or by group to control bandwidth caps, transfer priorities and security settings.

Customized reporting and auditing

Queries transfer reporting data from managed nodes using the Aspera node API to offer greater scalability and robustness. It maintains a central transfer history database capable of automated backups and purging. Users can create reports to track transfer activity by date, IP address or user and export them to XML or CSV. Customizable reporting engine includes a graphical composer for creating user-defined reports and provides an advanced mode for writing custom queries.

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