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IBM Application Discovery technical overview

This video provides an overview of the Application Discovery user interface, how to analyze complex data structures and more.

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Application Discovery, impact analysis and variable usage reports

This video demonstrates how to perform impact analysis and create variable usage reports.

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Annotations via a CICS Transaction Callgraph

This video focuses on viewing a CICS transaction callgraph and demonstrates how to add an annotation to an application asset.

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Application Discovery: Working with annotations and artifacts

This video demonstrates working with existing annotations using the IBM Application Discovery Analysis Browser.

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Forrester TEI Report

Total Economic Impact of IBM Application Discovery And Delivery Intelligence

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IBM Application Discovery accelerates the adoption of hybrid cloud solutions

Developers can use Application Discovery to identify, change and cloud-enable core business applications through APIs.

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IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence datasheet

Understand enterprise application interdependencies and the impact of potential changes

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Application Discovery Webinar

Learn how you can quickly understand and change mainframe code based on data displayed on a dashboard and other visualization

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