Take the guesswork from application testing and development

IBM® Application Delivery Intelligence (ADI) is the first platform to use analytics to provide actionable insights and cognitively improve your DevOps activities. ADI identifies issues inside even the most complex code so you can modernize your mission-critical applications. With ADI, developers can quickly decide which tests to run, using the minimal number of tests with the greatest coverage. Ongoing performance analysis provides you insights and linkage to files and functions so you always have a current view of your application ecosystem and are empowered to continuously improve your code.

Test optimization

Analyze, visualize and summarize trend information on test and code coverage. Reduce low value tests and find defects earlier in the life cycle. Cut waste by running only the optimum actions required.

Earlier problem detection

Access previously hidden operation data to detect issues or defects throughout the development life cycle. Improve the accuracy of your planning and estimating to update and modernize applications.

Maintenance governance

Identify business critical programs and drill down to understand code complexity and maintainability. Rapidly identify areas of concern in your application portfolio.

IBM Application Delivery Intelligence features

  • Broad code coverage
  • Test optimization
  • Early problem detection
  • Governance of maintenance
  • Risk minimization and anticipation
  • Project health improvement
  • Root cause analysis
  • Cognitive user guidance
  • New user experience

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