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CloudHedge is an IBM Technical Partner having automation tools which help enterprise and ISV customers to adapt to IBM Cloud and Container Orchestration services like ICP for their application workloads using Discover and Transform. In addition, CloudHedge Cruize helps to deploy and monitor apps keeping operational TCO in control using automation tools to give enhanced developer experience for managing applications on IBM Cloud Platform.
Discover - Transform - Cruize

Cut down OpEx up to 30%

CloudHedge containerizes applications to extract the maximum potential of cloud which reduces OpEx by 30%.

Auto transform apps into microservices

CloudHedge partially automates containerization process which reduces transformation time from months to weeks.

Seamlessly integrate with DevOps tools

CloudHedge's tools - Discovery + Transform + Cruize can seamlessly integrate with multiple DevOps tools during discovery, transformation, deployment, and monitoring of the application.

Reduce time to market

CloudHedge reduces time to market for its customers by prepping the app to be cloud-ready, transform and deploy it within weeks instead of months.

Multicloud Support

CloudHedge enables enterprises to deploy their containerized apps on IBM Cloud Platform, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Azure seamlessly with a drag and drop functionality.

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Discover - Transform - Cruize

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Discover - Transform - Cruize

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