Feature spotlights

Connect apps in three steps

First, choose from a list of source and target apps. Next, define triggers and actions that will set up a blueprint for how apps should interact. Lastly, perform simple mapping of what information you want to share from the target to the source.

Connect to custom apps

IBM® App Connect Personal provides simple tooling for your IT department to expose in-house applications as virtual applications. In addition, your technical team can expose its own custom apps or enable any endpoint through an extensible model in a matter of hours.

Automate tasks and create efficient workflow orchestration

Using a simple, browser-based experience, this software allows you to set triggers for events so your apps can respond to each other and react more quickly. Manual tasks such as notifications, events and updates can be automated. IBM App Connect Personal enables your apps to share data when required to stay in sync and execute the right action at the right time. You will spend less time on routine, manual tasks and more time being creative and delivering value to your clients.

Maximize collaboration

You and your colleagues can collaborate more effectively without having to manually update data across multiple apps to share information with others and grant access by hand.

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