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Microservices & API Security

Use zero-touch service-to-service authentication, authorization, encryption and uniform API access control policy across services in public or private clouds for composite user and app identity policy enforcement integrated into the CI/CD pipeline as well as vulnerability assessment tools for rich contextual service identity.

Network Security

Get network micro-segmentation and workload isolation, reducing compliance scope, and protection against malicious application discovery through automated flow, telemetry logging, and transparent encryption offloaded from applications.

Threat & Vulnerability Management

Enable continuous vulnerability analysis of container images with runtime threat detection and protection based on behavioral analysis, advanced analytics and correlation of identity, network and application context, and integration into SecOps workflows (SIEM, SOAR, ITSM).

Identity Management

Automate service identity creation, validation, attestation, and assignment. Protect with user identity & Single Sign-on integration as well as PKI infrastructure for microservices, certificate issuance, verification, rotation, revocation, and secrets management.

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E-Xact Transactions Case Study

E-Xact Transactions
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How customers use it

  • Workload Isolation for Compliance & Efficiency

    Workload Isolation for Compliance & Efficiency


    Your cloud workload needs to be isolated for security and compliance. For even stronger security in the cloud you need to encrypt data flows. Your existing options leave you with a complex network architecture with custom configurations.


    Aporeto enables enterprises to segment workloads for stronger security and regulatory compliance with persistent, attested identity, transparent encryption, and centralized policy enforcement on any network and across multi-cloud environments.

  • Container Threat Detection and Remediation

    Container Threat Detection and Remediation


    You want granular control over vulnerabilities and threats. You also want to know how these security risks interact with the broader system at runtime. Because vuln scanners often overlook issues, you also want to prevent threats in real-time.


    Aporeto provides real-time threat detection and container vulnerability management across the entire microservices technology stack by analyzing and correlating behavior from network, identity, vulnerability and application context.

  • API & Microservices Access Control

    API & Microservices Access Control


    You conduct static analysis of your images. You monitor network traffic. You have configured your security devices for network segmentation and workload isolation. How can you also ensure that API calls are secured?


    Aporeto transparently secures enterprise applications by authenticating and authorizing user-to-service, service-to-service, and service-to-external-resource API and microservice interactions.

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