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Asset and network health and risk assessment

View the network via geo-spatial mapping; monitor substation transformer health and risk; assess network impact of failure.

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Storm disruption

Step through a simulation as operations, customer and field service prepare for a storm, manage the outage and restore power.

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Energy & Utility Industry: An IBM Point of View

Learn about IBM's point of view on the Energy & Utility Industry's 10-year landscape and the five technology "happenings"

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IBM Data Model for Energy and Utilities

IBM Data Model for Energy and Utilities addresses data consolidation and analytics needs.

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IBM Maximo APM for Energy & Utilities Solution Brief

IBM Maximo APM for Energy & Utilities is a cloud-based data management, visualization and analytics solution that can help…

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Data Model for E&U brief

IBM Data Model for Energy & Utilities offers a blueprint for comprehensive data warehouse business intelligence applications.

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