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Rapid results when you need them

IBM® Spectrum Control™ Storage Insights is built to deliver fast results. The data collector is downloaded to a data center server. The collector gathers storage usage metrics and sends them over a security-rich channel to IBM Cloud, which provides storage analysis. The solution returns insight and recommendations quickly using metrics data that would take weeks to analyze on a spreadsheet.

Single pane view across your storage environment

This solution provides singe pane monitoring of your storage environment -- and quick views of storage from the server, application and file system perspective. In a few steps, you can customize application and department views—email, SAP or recovery site storage, for example. These views enable you to report on application or departmental use of storage, as well as provide opportunities to optimize performance and save money.

Performance analyses at your fingertips

This solution learns by analyzing storage system and server data usage. As it gathers data, the solution becomes smarter—within hours—helping to identify performance hotspots that may be impacting users. Just as important, it helps you understand when storage is not the cause of a performance problem. In addition, it identifies unused and under-used volumes, helping you free trapped capacity on top-tier storage for performance-critical data.

Valuable insight from predictive analytics

IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights provides technology that makes tier recommendations based on actual data usage, regardless of original predictions. Data can be migrated from top-tier to mid-tier storage with confidence, knowing that service levels won’t be compromised. Significant savings are possible because the total cost of top-tier storage, in reality, is much higher than the initial invoice—with software and maintenance fees significantly higher than mid-range storage.

At-a-glance monitoring of your block storage inventory

This solution includes all the functions of IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights Foundation, which offers an enterprise-wide dashboard for monitoring the basic health, capacity and performance of your block storage resources.

Simplified and proactive product support

This solution includes all capabilities of IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights Foundation, including streamlined interaction with IBM support. Features include Call Home, data collectors, automatic support log uploading, and easy ticket creation and management. IBM support uses read-only access to diagnostic information about monitored storage systems to proactively help resolve problems.

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